Obtaining an Expedited Passport Fast

You can get expedited passport through several ways. It will depend on how fast you want it delivered. Sometimes expedited passport can take as long as three to four weeks before it is processed. In other times, it can take as fast as the same day you have applied for it. You may be in need of traveling to a foreign country as soon as possible or even in need of using it as fast as you can so you can use the fastest means to get the passport. To get it fast, you need to visit a regional passport agency where you can also get your travel document the same day. This should be done after having scheduled a day with the agency. When going there, you should carry application form and supporting documents. Explore on replacing lost passport.  It is a requirement that you prove that you have an urgent trip or journey. A ticket or itinerary can be used for this purpose. As fast as the process can be completed, some problems may also arise and prevent you from acquiring the passport that day. If you did not make an appointment within the required days, the process might delay. You should also understand that regional agencies have a limited number of appointments that can be made for the similar expediting service. Read more on  U.S. Passport Service Guide.

The distance from the regional passport agency may also matter if you will get your passport on the same day or not. For those who live far away, the problem may affect you. However, for those who live near the agency and had made their appointment in time, the expedition of the passport may only take one or two days. The time included here is from the time you made the appointment, gathered the documents and got to the agency. If the appointment was not made early enough or you live far from the agency, you can have two options. You can either reschedule an appointment for a later date and travel to the agency on your own or you better still apply again via a professional expediter. Depending on how far you live from the agency and when the appointment was set up, the passport will be available in three days to two weeks. For the professional expediting services, they can be registered with the regional agencies and the applications submitted on the same day. You can alternatively request the experienced expediter to submit the application on the following day, and the passport may be sent to you the same evening. It is up to you to determine when you want to get your expedited passport depending on the urgency. For more info, view here.