How to Get Expedited Passports

Sometimes you book a flight, and you realize that your passport has expired. In the worst case, you may accidentally misplace it. If canceling your trip is not an option, you are likely to panic. But relax since you can get expedited passports in less than 24 hours. Keep reading here to learn how to replace your lost passport.
The easiest way to replace your lost passport is going through the local passport agency. The passport agency is a government institution so you can be assured you will get a genuine document. The chances of the agency failing to deliver the passport document within the stipulated time are also little because the bureau has all the necessary materials to provide you with a new passport. The passport agencies require clients to book appointments, but they do also assist walk-in customers. Government agencies might be tiring, but it is the surest way to come face-to-face with the passport agents. As long as you come with evidence to prove that you are supposed to travel within a short deadline, the agents are well connected that they will ensure you get a passport in time. Explore more on passport photos.

It is worth noting that the third party agencies that ask for cash so that you can get an expedited passport still go through the passport agencies. The difference is that they will charge you more money to get you the passport than you would have paid at the passport agency. For example, it costs $135 and $110 for renewing. The expediting agencies can charge you up to three times the regular cost you would pay through a third party company. See more at

Before you decide to work with a passport replacement agency, check whether the service is recommended by the U.S. passport service guide. Use companies that are accredited to provide the service since you do not want to use a service that is not licensed to provide passport replacement. Use the Internet to know the legitimate companies. The Internet will also assist you to know the passport replacement agencies with an excellent reputation. Refrain from using companies that have poor ratings and customer approval rating. See more at
Look for a passport replacement agency that has a competent support staff. Avoid working with a company that is hard to reach to get updates. Many agencies provide phone contacts and online support to keep you updated with the service provision. A passport replacement agency that allows walk-in clients is also convenient since you will not need to have an appointment for you to be served.